We keep our groups small, so it almost feels like a private tour (normally under 8 people). If you would like a private tour or have a larger group, please contact us for pricing and availability.

Keith is an Expat, that now lives here in San Sebastian, so he has been a visitor here for years, and he knows what information a visitor can use. It is best done on the first morning that you are here. Our phone number is a US number, so please call before 2 pm EST as we are 6 hrs ahead!

Tips and More

Here are a few of our handy little tips!!

  • In San Sebastian and in Spain in general, stores don’t accept credit and debit cards for purchases of less than 10 Euros. Always have some cash with you (front pocket in the bigger towns at night)! Also, if you do use your card in anything other than an ATM, be prepared to show identification and sign like a credit card.
  • San Sebastian is well known for its little misty type of rain called “xirimiri” (chiery miry): a light poncho in summer/raincoat in winter or a small umbrella is an essential part of the luggage. Weather changes very quickly, come prepared.
  • Shoes: many streets are tiled or cobblestoned. It is highly recommended that you wear an athletic type of shoe or hiking boots.
  • We are 6 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time! On your first night in Europe, don’t go to bed until 9 p.m local time; stay busy as long as you can. This always helped me adjust to the time change quicker.
  • People take their time here; it may be difficult for you to eat at a restaurant without a reservation. A normal meal at lunch or supper may go as long as 3 hours and will not start until 2 or 3 pm for lunch or 9 pm for supper!! Look for the “MENU” of the day, it will normally include an appetizer, a main course and dessert with wine , bread, water, coffee and a liqueur shot, all for one smaller price. It is normally between 15 and 30 euro per person.
  • Under Spain´s law, it is not allowed to smoke in Bars and restaurants unless the restaurant has two separate zones.
  • Don´t be surprised because people throw the paper napkins on the floor inside the Pintxo Bars! That is a tradition here and it is OK for anyone to do it.
  • When you enter a Pintxo Bar, do not take many pintxos on  a plate. Try to stay local and eat one Pintxo at a time making mental note of what you have eaten to later pay, once you are finished.
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Whether you are going to stop here for the day or spend your entire vacation in San Sebastian, Spain (Donostia), let us give you an insight into this unique region and culture during one of our tours.
In Donostia/San Sebastian, much like in the rest of the Iberian peninsula, things follow a certain time line. If you get off that time line or are not aware of it, it can make your visit here less enjoyable. On all our tours, we ensure to get you on the time line and explain to you the why´s and the how to´s. From the markets that close at 14:00 and the Pintxos done before lunch, to the retail closing between 1 and 4 pm and the restaurants opening back up in the late afternoon early evening, everything here is done at certain times for certain reasons. 

Our City Sightseeing walking tour and our Pintxos / Tapas food tour, given in English by an expat, will help you experience and understand the differences between the uniqueness of Basque region and the rest of Spain while at the same time touching the history, sights and flavors of this beautiful city by the sea.

You can combine the City Sightseeing Tour with the Pintxo Tour for a great head start on San Sebastian and almost be a local within your first day here. To enjoy this full experience, click on Combo Tour!!!

About the City

This is the City where Kings, Queens, Dictators and Nobles from Spain and other parts of Europe spent and still spend their summers! With its unique diversity and lay out, San Sebastian has much to offer. It really depends on your interests! From the proper way to eat pintxos (tapas), modern art works, the aquarium, seeing the various styles of architecture to just relaxing on the beach or the great night life, it is all right here!!

We will get you going in the right direction with a good understanding of the Basque people, language, culture and food and give you other ideas for YOU to decide what interests you and how to get there and enjoy this “Paris” of the South. We want to deliver the best quality experience to all our guests. We keep the number of guests in a group small, so that YOU feel like a visiting friend and not a sheep in the heard. Our minimum size group is 1 and we do not like to get more than 10 (unless there are 10 or more in your party, then email for for more information).

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