San Sebastian Walking Tours also has a business relationship with a member of one of the Basque Country´s very exclusive gastronomic societies that is housed in an old Casino from the 1800s. He offers a traditional Basque meal prepared while we enjoy stories and history of the area and cooking societies. It is very, very, unique opportunity that not many outsiders get a chance to experience!

Your guide will accompany you on a commuter train/car ride to the Basque Village of Tolosa in the Pyrenees mountain foothills. It is a city that dates back to the bronze age or earlier. If you are interested in this unique opportunity please let us know, so that we can contact the cook/member and set the experience for your group. It will not be available all the time, so the further in advance we know you are interested, the better the chances of enjoying this unique experience. 

 For some general information about the casino in Tolosa, please visit its website at

 Minimum party of 2 is required. 

Whether you are going to stop here for the day or spend your entire vacation in San Sebastian, Spain (Donostia), let us give you an insight into this unique region and culture during one of our tours.
In Donostia/San Sebastian, much like in the rest of the Iberian peninsula, things follow a certain time line. If you get off that time line or are not aware of it, it can make your visit here less enjoyable. On all our tours, we ensure to get you on the time line and explain to you the why´s and the how to´s. From the markets that close at 14:00 and the Pintxos done before lunch, to the retail closing between 1 and 4 pm and the restaurants opening back up in the late afternoon early evening, everything here is done at certain times for certain reasons. 

Our City Sightseeing walking tour and our Pintxos / Tapas food tour, given in English by an expat, will help you experience and understand the differences between the uniqueness of Basque region and the rest of Spain while at the same time touching the history, sights and flavors of this beautiful city by the sea.

You can combine the City Sightseeing Tour with the Pintxo Tour for a great head start on San Sebastian and almost be a local within your first day here. To enjoy this full experience, click on Combo Tour!!!

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